Day in the Life

Day in the Life

Melanie . 23 . Miami, FL
This blog consists of pretty girls, poetry, my life & gay shit.

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so happy for my country ! #vamosargentinacarajo #worldcup  @

fuckkkkkk brazil

hope they lose :)))))))))))))

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i didn't know whether the pin up looking girl w the tattoos was your gf or not and didn't want to piss anyone off.

hahahaha she’s my friend. if you happen to run into again just say hi :)

think i saw you the other night in front of irish times but was too shy to actually go up to you. you are beautiful.

well yes you did see me bc i was at irish times. & tsk tsk tsk i dont bite, should’ve said hi -.-

“If anybody wants to know
Our love is getting low
Lighting the cracks in the road
You Carry Me”

Bombay Bicycle Club

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“We’re not something, but we’re not nothing.”

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